Are you looking to wow your guests at your next gathering or simply want to treat yourself to a delicious cocktail? Look no further than the prickly pear margarita! This unique twist on the classic margarita combines the tangy sweetness of prickly pear juice with the zesty kick of tequila. With its vibrant color and

TEMIRTAU, Kazakhstan — The billowing smokestacks of Kazakhstan’s largest steelworks loom large over the town of Temirtau — just like the questions about the future of a plant where the country’s first president began his working life. Amid a trend of accidents and deaths in the mines that feed the steel mill and longstanding complaints

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Many people may lose steam when trying to stick to their fitness goals if they are unrealistic. Those goals can lead to discouragement or a lack of accountability in tracking progress. However, there are goals that are more attainable and easy to maintain, like doing 15-minute stretches after a workout or including dedicated rest days